Berchtesgaden: Visit The Wonderful Village With Tons To Do

My love for mountains took me to Berchtesgaden. The charming town is at foot of the German Alps. The great landscape of mountains and meadows makes it an incredible destination for your next vacation. There are wide ranges of attractions to be found in this town. When you visit Berchtesgaden, here are few things that you need to do.

Explore the town

The village is always filled with tourists. I found it to be really pretty. The history of the place will surely fascinate you and the mountain ski is wonderful. Take a stroll around the town; hear the music played by the local musicians. The food at the restaurants around the fountain serves delicious food. A group of children performed folk dances while we gorged on the local delicacies.

Visit Lake Konigssee  

This lake is situated a few kilometers south of Berchtesgaden. You should know that this is the deepest lake that you are going to find in Germany. I visited the place for some outdoor recreation. I was surprised to find out that Hitler used to boat on the lake. A bus ride from the town will take the parking lot and from there you can take a walk.

Drop in at Obersalzberg

This used to be a Nazi enclave but has been destroyed. The government dismantled a majority of the building related to this period for restoring a real atmosphere of the area. Here, you will find that there is a Documentation Center. It is on the mountain and is the primary tourist attraction. The museum opened in the year 1999. This had been the museum of the first order. You will find the history of the place enumerated here. Also, I found many interesting photographs from the era of the Nazis.