Carcassonne: This French City Is Waiting To Be Explored

The largest walled city in the whole of Europe, a fortress that go back to the times of Gallo Roman and a place that EugéndViollet me Duc-a theorist, restored in the year of 1853, a place on the world heritage sites By UNESCO, a place that runs majorly on tourism, fine wine production in its economic sector. We are talking of Carcassonne.

Places to visit

Carcassonne is a citadel which is also known as Citéde Carcassonne and is a fortified city that has a concentric design and two walls on the outside with about fifty-three towers and outposts for additional security.

The main attraction of the city is surely the castle, which has its own drawbridge and ditch which was decided to be demolished by the French government and had caused a stir among the people and hence came to prosper mérimée the campaigner to save the fortress followed by the guy Eugéne who restored it.

Second, on our list, we have Pont Marengo which a bridge that gives way to the railway station from Canal du Midi along with Lac De La Cavayére which has been purposely created for recreational use and is located only about five to ten minutes away from the center of the city.

The city also hosts four sights of the church which includes the Basilica of St Nazaire and St Tense, the Carcassonne Cathedral and the church of St Vincent.

A thing which must be noted when around the city of Carcassonne is the transportation facilities which are divided acco4isngly to the two neighborhoods wherein one old and the other one is modern. The public transportation facilities the on weekends can be very less. Otherwise, you can hire a bike and tour around accordingly as some places might not be the best for biking due to the terrains.