Kaslo: Parks And Trails To Explore

Kaslo, the small village of Canada is a natural paradise. If you are tired of the hustle-bustle of the city, spend some time among the green fields of Kaslo. Set on the shores of a large lake and is surrounded by the mountains, it isn’t close to any major centers. I was surprised to learn that there are not more than 1000 souls living in the village. When you are in Kaslo, here are some of the parks and trails that you can check out.

  • Kootenay Lake

This is one of the largest waterways you will find in Kaslo. It is 144 kilometers long. You can go canoeing, kayaking fishing, and windsurfing. A swim in the river came as refreshment. The breathtaking view of the lake is with the background of a mountain. Click photos to take home some memories.

  • Buchanan Lookout Hiking Trail

Take a walk along this hiking trail. The backdrop of the mountain is definitely a visual treat. Along the hiking trail, you will find colorful meadows of flowers. The journey through this trail has been an adventure. There are areas for picnicking where you can unwind with your family. During winter time, the gravel roads of the trail are used to snowmobile.

  • Fletcher Falls campground and hiking trail

This is both a campground and a hiking trail. The trails along the waterfall are located on the shores of Kootenay Lake. Fletcher Falls is powerful waterfalls. A walk along the trail leads me to the sandy beach. This is the best place to visit if you like boating and canoeing. In case you are visiting with your friends, you can also have a picnic in the area or stay the night in a tent. This is a well-maintained site so it is going to be a great experience.