Visiting Sanibel Island in Florida’s Gulf Coast region..

The Gulf Coast of Florida is a beautiful place to visit. Unlike it’s Atlantic ocean counterpart,  The West Coast has, water and less waves. It is a perfect place to find seashells and shark teeth and experience the tropical blue waters found in exotic destinations.

One such place is Sanibel Island which is located 25 miles south of Fort Myers Florida. Is a family friendly destination and along with its sister destination Captiva Island, it is a beautiful place to visit year round.

There is a rich ecosystem available to explore for people who love the water and coastal beaches. It’s still feel secluded even though it is a popular tourist spot. Sanibel Island tends to attract a lot of windsurfers and sailors and is a great place for shell collectors to pick up conches and cockles.

Sanibel Island also houses a 5200 acre refuge called the Darling National Wildlife Refuge.   This is a must see your location where you will find many exotic animals living here including crocodiles, manatees and plenty of exotic birds.

If you like to kayak or paddleboard, you can kayak along the mangrove find trails or hike throughout the refuge.

There are plenty of resorts to stay at which are typically great options for families who want to have direct access to the beach. There are plenty of pools, playgrounds and things for your kids do. If you want to break away and get a massage or experience something romantic with your significant other there are plenty of spa treatments available too.  If you like to bicycle, paddleboard, kayak or do any other beach early games like volleyball, there are great options for you to consider.

As of 2010, there are all only 6500 people living here year around.   The locals are friendly and enjoy the tourists because they make up the revenue for what everyone else benefits from.

If you love wildlife and nature, Sanibel Island is a must stop location for you and your family.

Check out this amazing video of Sanibel Island and the things you can do here.