White Rock: Have an Exciting Holiday at the Beach Town of Canada

This summer, I decided to visit White Rock. It has been on a list for a long time now and I was not ready to wait anymore. There are various things that you can be a part of when you are in this city. It has a welcoming atmosphere and the locals too are very friendly. In case you are planning to visit White Rock, here are some of the attractions that you should include in your list.

Check out Where Canada Meets United States

The symbol of peace between the United States and Canada is the Peace Arch, Provincial Park. This is the famous border which crosses both the countries. I found this to be the perfect place to have fun with your friends and family. There are various activities that you can be a part of. Watching the sunset from this park was a great experience. Do not forget to carry your camera along with you.

Walk the Pier

The Pier of White Rock has various meanings for various people visiting the place. For lovers, it is the perfect place to spend some romantic time, for kids it is the place to jump around and have fun, and for fisherman, it is the place to grab some crabs. The Pier is a great place if you want to spend some peaceful time. Even though it had been built in 1920, it doesn’t fail to attract people till now.

Visit Farmers Market

There are a great many things that you can do around the beaches of White Rock. One such thing is visiting the Farmers Market on a Sunday. You will be able to through a plethora of items that are available here. I came across local items and some fresh foods. Handicraft products are just amazing.