Xinzhou – Enjoy a Spiritual Retreat Here


There are several reasons why this city is considered a historic Buddhist center for Shanxi province as I discovered. The city is bordered by Datong and Taiyuan. The Shaanxi province separates it in the west whereas the Yellow river demarcates it from Inner Mongolia. The Taihang Mountains border it in the east.



It is considered one of the four of the famous mountains of Buddhism and the landscape of the city is hilly and rugged. The climate is temperate here and you can take a train ride of 2 to 4 hours away from the city of Beijing.

You will be surrounded by hilly and mountainous beauty when you are here. Make the most of the local resorts and eateries here as I did during my stay here.

Your First Stop – Mt Wutai

This should be your first stop which is known for its natural beauty. This Buddhist Mountain, one of the most sacred in China, has a grand temple complex as well as beautiful scenery of the mountains all around. The highest peak here is 3058 meters. I discovered that this mountain was home to about 360 temples and more. The oldest one here was constructed during the reign of the Eastern Han dynasty. There are several peaks that surround the temples which would be shown to you when you come here with a local experienced guide.

The Exciting Yanmen Pass

This place is also worth visiting as it shows you a strategic part of the Great Wall. It is a mountain pass region with three gatehouses by the Great Wall. This area served as a strategic point in ancient times.

Stop by the Foguang Temple

I stopped by this Buddhist temple that is close to Doucun Wutai County. The major hall here was built in 857 AD and is also known as the Great East Hall.

Wannian Ice Cave

This is a natural wonder that is definitely worth a visit as I discovered. If you are visiting with friends or with kids, do not miss out of this place.

The above places showcased much of the wonders and attractions here that are around this city and made my visit a memorable one.